Rugby Boots for Kids

Best Kids Rugby Boots for 6 to 8 years of age

First we must remember I coach the game and I have no filter! Junior rugby players at mini to middi level do not need expensive rugby boots  a simple enough statement but a reality. Rugby is and should always be a game for the masses, for kids of all shapes and sizes and for families regardless of there financial standing . Mini Rugby Boots We must understand that the kids want what there mates have, what is seen on television . Not going to happen, what they need is a…

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Top 6 Rugby Boots

Top 6 Mens Rugby Boots for 2018

Top 6 for December 2018 and Into 2019 Rugby Season   Picking the right rugby boot is crucial in the game of rugby, with the backs and the flankers or back row players looking for lightweight boots which don’t sacrifice grip while the tight five forwards are looking for power and traction, without sacrificing the agility and speed required in this modern game. The rugby boots on this list are for senior rugby players , and in some cases may fit the women rugby players and the kids with big…

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Compression Gear

What is Compression Gear and Why wear it

Bring on the Compression Gear – Tops and Bottoms  In the past, it was acceptable that men at the health club put on … whatever they wanted to train and workout Seriously, you ‘d browse and 90 percent of the dudes there would certainly be in a clothing that would be equally proper for consuming an entire pizza on the sofa. We’re speaking raggedy Tee shirts– maybe with the sleeves cut off– and also shorts. Shorts without adjective. Something Like This Shorts whose only “performance advantage” was that they were…

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