Rugby Boots for Kids

Best Kids Rugby Boots for 6 to 8 years of age

First we must remember I coach the game and I have no filter!

Junior rugby players at mini to middi level do not need expensive rugby boots  a simple enough statement but a reality.

Rugby is and should always be a game for the masses, for kids of all shapes and sizes and for families regardless of there financial standing .

Mini Rugby Boots

We must understand that the kids want what there mates have, what is seen on television . Not going to happen, what they need is a pair of rugby boots with rubber based studs, and a simple method of putting them on and keeping them on their feet.

We recommend that parents understand that kids rugby boots last 1 season on the average, until they get to 14 or 16 , when they have stopped growing massively and their feet have got to roughly where they are going to go interns of size.

We also understand that when you finish with the rugby boots at the end of the first year it may be time to drop them off at the local rugby club and pass them on to others who may not have the $$’s to buy a pair.

As for the boots for the 6 to 7 or 8 year olds –

A simple pair of black boots that have studs (rubber ones) with a very simple method of attaching them to their feet – getting them on and keeping them on !

Get The Costs Down

Here are a pair of boots for the 6 and 7 year olds – simple velcro fasteners even they can do up when taught to do so – with 8 studs or more – made by Mirak they are low cost simple to use and look the part

mirak kids rugby boots molded soles

Currently we have them for $56 aud

For the 7 to 8 year old depending on whether they are playing Mini or Midi Rugby

The next stage up for the kids is either the :

Adidas X 18.3 Firm Ground Kids Rugby Boot  at $ 74.13 aud

Optimum Kids Razor Rugby Boots – Black/Blue at $72.43 aud

Whats the difference – The Adidas boot is flashy and looks great and where you are not allowed to use metal studs this is a simple answer and while they suit backs better than forwards ( less grip) they are ideal at this age.

Adidas X 18.3 Firm Ground Kids Rugby Boot  at $ 74.13 aud

The Optimum Boot while not well known is a great boot for the grounds in Australia where the weather effects ground conditions , wet and firm – The studs are replaceable and dependant on growth should last 2 years .

Optimum Kids Razor Rugby Boots – Black/Blue at $72.43 aud

Kids Razor Rugby Boots - Black/Blue

Getting to the Older Brackets

Now we are competing against the marketplace, mates have them, saw them on television on the Super 15 players area , what ever happens they will come to you with what the consider as a perfect boot for them regardless of the costs – and now the hammer comes down.

What are we looking for depends on where you are in Australia , what ground conditions they play in ( NSW, ACT, VICTORIA  are often wet and muddy) Queensland and Both Australia a drier surface with some wet days and a little mud but not that often. Western Australia more than often wet but the grounds are sand, there are no muddy grounds so its only effected by rain and the length of the grass ( longer studs for thicker grass) Darwin – how and wet as hell, when the monsoon strikes and ground become quagmire’s , a pair that combine moulded studs and metal or a pair that allows you to change the studs to suit the ground conditions.

Lets look at a few variations of rugby boots for them.

First Choice – Fancy boots with ankle support and moulded studs – ideal for training and W.A., NT,

The Aleader Boys Rugby Boot  at $72.91c

aleader molded soles and studs rugby boots

Second Cab of the rank for the Midi Range – 10 to 12 age groups

The Optimum Tribal 6 Stud boot  at $69.70

Ideal for all states with option to change the rugby studs from the part metal part rubber to metal great for forwards , good grip and comfortable to wear and on the hip pocket. These are Velcro ties (double) and work well with the younger age groups


tHATS IT – boots for Kids – and Yes there are more available at the website – go have a look and review the descriptions of each before you buy – go to

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