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Intro to Rugby Union 15s vs 7s, With HSBC

Intro to Rugby Union 15s vs 7s, With HSBC

The two most common version the rugby are called 15s and 7s 15s is the more common traditional version played with 15 players on each team


The game of rugby union is 80 minutes long depending on the age group and category of players that are playing the game.


The full game for senior rugby and international rugby is 80 minutes split into two 40-minute halves ten minute halftime.


Sevens aside rugby (7) is a quicker version played on the same sized rugby field with seven players on a team and two seven-minute halves with a two-minute halftime


Since sevens games lasts about 15-minutes They are played in a tournament format the most popular of which is the International HSBC sevens that consists of ten tournaments played annually


Each of the rugby union tournaments has 16 teams that compete in 45 games over a 2-3 day period.

This annual competition starts with the first tournament due to be played either in November of each year with one or two games played prior to christmas .


These games are played every year in circles around the globe making stops in South Africa, Australia ,New Zealand, Vegas, Vancouver ,Hong Kong, England and or Scotland.


It should be stated that some destination changes from year to year depending on the success of the venue and its ability to draw a crowd.





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What Do Compression Tights Do for Rugby Players

What Do Compression Tights Do for Rugby Players

Why we need Compression Gear

Compression garment are commonly used by professional athlete but there has been fierce debate on the evidence of compression garments for recovery

Today we’ll discuss the science behind compression garment and how we can maximize its potential recovery benefit compression garment can improve our cardiac efficiency and exercise performance some of the other benefits include improved swelling inflammation and muscle soreness there are conflicting evidence on the reliability of compression garment

Benefit of Science on the use of Compression clothing

Referring to the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport compression garment has no added benefit on objective measures such as sprint time muscle strength and plyometric performance but subjectively compression garment can improve our perception of recovery


An example after high intensity exercise people often felt reduced muscle soreness another study compared the effect of high pressure compression with low pressure and no compression thestudy found participants in the high pressure group had significantly improved muscle strength and countermovement jump height but there is a catch the participants in this group worn the compression garment for 72 hours post-exercise the current science behind the use of compression garment is lacking

The evidence is often of low quality and inconsistent but we need to understand when choosing a recovery method science is not the only factor that we should consider we also need to think about our personal preference and past experience we are all different we will react differently to the same recovery method the use of compression garment is considered safe and relatively cheap and easy to use




Considering these factors compression gear can be used both during and after games to facilitate recovery compression garments should be worn for at least one hour after training higher compression pressure can be more effective

It is important to note when wearing compression garment you should not experience any numbness or tingling sensation if you do experience these symptoms you should remove the garment and speak to your team physiotherapist




Compression Gear - for Rugby
The Good
  • Refer to the article
  • Aids recovery
  • Prevents scrapes
  • Now legal in Rugby
The Bad
  • none that we can see

How Does Icing an Injury Help?

How Does Icing an Injury Help?

Icing for rehabilitation and Injury Treatment

Probably one of the first things you do when you bang your knee or twist your ankle is put an ice pack on the injury. You probably know that that can help reduce swelling and dull the pain, especially within the first couple days after you get hurt. But why interfere with the way your bodys trying to naturally heal itself

When you pull a muscle stretch a tendon or burst a blood vessel that triggers your bodys, inflammatory response? It sends a bunch of blood cells and fluids to repair the damage, And that is an important part of the healing process.

The problem is your inflammatory response tends to overreact If youve ever gotten hay fever in the spring and felt like your eyes and nose were going to melt off your face.

You know what Im talkin about Too much swelling can cause a bit of a traffic jam with all the fluids rushing in which can cut off nearby cells from getting the oxygen they need to keep functioning.

And. That is where icing an injury, also known as cryotherapy, can help When you put ice on a part of your body, thats inflamed the tissues and blood vessels contract limiting how much blood and other fluids can get to the area and bringing down the swelling

Cold can also slow down the cells metabolism, so they use the oxygen they do have more slowly and dont die If its at a joint like if you sprain your ankle youll, be able to use it a little more and maybe do some rehab exercises. But if you leave an ice pack on for too long, it can actually do more harm than good.

If the injury site gets too cold, your body will flood in even more blood cells and fluids, trying to warm it back up, even if youre still using the ice pack.

This renewed blood flow is called hyperemia and its why doctors say its generally good to limit cryotherapy to about 10 or 20 minutes at a time.

ice bags for injuries

After that, let your injury warm up for 10 minutes or so before, putting the ice pack back on Ice can also reduce the pain you feel When they get cold. The ions that carry messages around between neurons have a harder time getting around reducing the pain signals going to your brain, Also reducing lots of other kinds of signals, which is what numbness is So when you get hurt, it is important to let your body do its Thing and heal

Ice bags or ice packs just helps make sure your body doesnt overreact and keeps you a little more comfortable in the process, Thanks to all of our Patreon patrons who keep these answers coming and for more on the science of injuries check out this other SciShow video, where Michael explains, why Papercuts hurt so dang much.. Read More Ice Bags for Injury and Rehabilitation Review;

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Rugby in Perth from one season to the next – 2022 and Beyond

Rugby in Perth from one season to the next – 2022 and Beyond

Rugby in Perth from one season to the next –

With the end of the 2021 Season completed despite covid – the results on the Rugby W.A. Competition table will provide incentive for all clubs in the Perth Rugby competition to continue with their development for the 2022 season , one that we hope will be covid restriction free

As usual in the Perth rugby union competition there are and have been rumours running around about changes to the competition structure, most are driven by the top end of the rugby in the city area , some of whom seem very reluctant to drive south and north into the areas that Perth is expanding into at a massive rate

With numbers dropping off at youth and junior level in the central city clubs some that provide less than 2 to 3 junior and youth age teams it would appear that Rugby in Perth will continue to be best served by promoting the outer ring clubs who currently provide better than 60% of the junior and youth numbers playing the game of Rugby in Perth.

For the newer clubs such as Curtin University (new into the Premier Level of the game) Joondalup Brothers, Southern Lions , ARKS and Rockingham some of which provide for the majority of junior development numbers in the state each year this provides challenges, with the age old poaching that goes on year in year out by clubs that have failed to develop there own juniors and youth program.

Rugby W.A. Ladder 2021

The 2021 ladder shows that each of the newer clubs or developing clubs face a challenge going into 2022 , some of which may be reduced by the Points Allocation system theoretically being implemented in the 2022 rugby season , a system designed to prevent or at the least reduce the continued poaching by city based senior clubs of the talent that has been developed within the newer clubs.

Each of the Younger, newer clubs have chosen to part ways with their previous coaches  and have installed in some cases older coaches or a panel of coaches or both, as is done at international level and within the Western Force Franchise, and many of the clubs in the Eastern states of Australia and in New Zealand.

Whether this is to share the load or to provide separate areas of expertise time will tell.

However its great to see that Rugby in W.A. will go ahead with the current format of clubs, with the Allocation of Points system in place going into the Christmas break and with overseas recruitment now on the table thanks to the borders opening early in the new year.

This is boosted off course by the fact that there are for the outer city club plenty of work in their local areas. Lower cost rental and housing in the suburbs will also help, making it very attractive for players coming into Perth from interstate or overseas to move to the younger and developing clubs . With travel into Perth City and those areas around the city central very hard to get in to , it is not unknown that travelling into the city can take twice a long in both directions as it needs to be . Again a benefit for the younger and newer clubs.

Note: The club with the highest level of youth and juniors is also one of the newer or younger club in the highest position on the ladder, at 10th Southern Lions is currently best placed to benefit from all of the great points and benefits that Rugby in Perth provides – Wherever you are have a great 2022 rugby season




What’s inside a Rugby Ball?

What’s inside a Rugby Ball?

All right, here we go, our Gilbert trainer rugby ball. It’s time to cut it open. We’ve got some friends here with us today. – But we’re not used to rugby here in the United States, but we will cut open a ball, because that’s what people are asking for.

So, we’re going to cut it along, not along the line, just along that part of it. Does that sound good guys? – Yep. – All right, we did fill it up with air, so it should make the little.

There we go.

Ooh, good thing we put that down. Oh, man. – It smells terrible. Whoa, it’s like..


Oh, it does have an inner liner and I missed it. – Oh, that smells terrible! – Like what? – Ooh, I think that smells like rotten eggs!

All right, there’s the inner layer. not too fancy, it’s just that rubber. It feel like rubber on the outside, but the inside feels like leather. So I think it’s just glued on. It looks like it’s just kinda glued on there.

All right. So we’ve got this inner rubber layer. – I’m getting that other hat. – That’s a weird-looking.

let’s cut that open. All right, so here’s the inside of this. Look at that nozzle!

That’s weird. -They even have their own brand, Gilbert-style rubber thing inside. – Really? Where? It says it was made in India. -Okay! – There you go.

A handball is made in Pakistan, this is made in India.

It’s kind of glued in there. Now, I did see on the regular balls they have the nozzles, see how the nozzle’s right there, I guess on the regular ones that cost $80, the nozzle is right there. It’s somewhere where the liner is.

And so for training purposes, they don’t like to use that ball because it runs out of air quicker. So that’s why, for the training ball has it in a different spot, it changes it a little bit when you have to kick it, because it has this weight, extra-added weight right there.

But we’re not spending 80 bucks on a rugby ball we’re gonna cut open! – All right, that’s what’s inside every rugby ball. This is the Gilbert training ball, cut it open, just has this rubber inner liner on it, and this strange little nozzle.

The air nozzle, it’s really weird. – It’s so weird.

So, anyway, thanks for watching. If you have any other suggestions of what you’d like us to cut open, just let us know in the comments section and we will do our best to do it. – Thank you! – Thumbs up!.

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Ice Bags for Injury and Rehabilitation Review

Ice Bags for Injury and Rehabilitation Review

Ice Bags for Injury and Rehabilitation

The aim of all ice bags and Ice Packs is to relieve your aches and pains at the same time reduce swelling and prevent further bleeding internally into the wound or bruise area . With these Elitehood Ice Packs: Ice Bag/Pack they should be treated as a first-aid essential in life, it can help you relieve from all kinds of arches and pains and recover outside of sport. Carrying one of these and the applicator should be mandatory for all contact sports players of all ages .

3 SIZE DESIGN FOR DIFFERENT REQUIREMENTS – Small 6” and medium 9” for teens, large 11” for adults. These are a must-have product for rugby union and rugby league especially with the injuries, pain relief, muscle aches that occur at all levels within the game.

Ice Bag Pack Reusable Ice Bag for Injuries, Hot & Cold Therapy and Pain Relief with Elastic Breathable Support Wrap

HANDSFREE ICE BAG PACK – A compress wrap would help to hold the ice bags, being more stable and versatile support full body.

EASY TO USE AS HOT & COLD THERAPY – For cold therapy, simply fill the ice bag two third full with ice and water to relieve discomfort from headaches, bruises, migraines, muscle aches and swelling. For heat therapy, add hot water (not boiling) to help soothe an upset stomach, migraine, sinus and joint pain.

SAFE & WATERPROOF – With Leak-resistant Design, dacron Textile ensures the water to stay cold or hot much longer. And being easy to carry and use everywhere.

RELIEVE PAIN AND SORENESS – The ice bag packs are ideal for application of cold therapy to help reduce pain and swelling from minor scrapes, bruises, muscle aches, sprains and strains,suitable for sport injury and first-aid.

TSLA Men’s Cool Dry Short Sleeve Compression Shirts,

Ice Bags for Injury Rehabilitation
The Good
  • 1. Easy to apply
  • 2. Last for 3 - 4 hrs
  • 3. Can be placed back in the fridge or cooler
  • 4. Efective at all levels
  • 5. Can be worn over clothing or under
The Bad
  • You need to find the ice