Rugby Equipment Reviews

Ice Bags for Injury and Rehabilitation Review

Ice Bags for Injury and Rehabilitation ReviewIce Bags for Injury and Rehabilitation The aim of all ice bags and Ice Packs is to relieve your aches and pains at the same time reduce swelling and prevent further bleeding internally into the wound or bruise area . With these Elitehood Ice Packs: Ice Bag/Pack they should be treated as a first-aid essential in... Read More »

Rugby Training and Calf Compression Sleeves

Rugby Training and Calf Compression SleevesBest Footless Compression Sleeves for rugby union and prevent Shin Splints More than suitable for Nurses & Maternity Pregnancy , as well as sports such as Rugby Union and League Will aid in Increase Blood Circulation reducing the events of lactic acid buildup Because Your Calves Are Worth It. Your new Graduated Compression Sleeves begins... Read More »

Why do we use Compression socks for sport

Why do we use Compression socks for sportSports Compression socks Compression socks and also stockings are developed for compression treatment. They use mild stress to your legs and also ankle joints, advertising blood circulation from your legs to your heart. Perfect for sporting activities wear, helps in minimizing the blood merging that typically happens throughout rugby and also various other sporting activities,... Read More »


A buyers’ guide featuring boots for backs, traditional forwards and everyone inbetween Best Rugby Boots of 2021 Unlike in a sport like cycling or golf, there isn’t much equipment you need to play rugby. One thing you cannot scrimp on is a good pair of boots. Gone are the days when your boots would be... Read More »


Top Class Rugby Boot Reviews Considering all these factors, rugby boots tend to run a little more expensive than most rugby footwear, so it’s important to make the best-educated choice before purchasing. The price tag can be a hassle for some people, however, you might find that you can just as easily get away with... Read More »