Adidas Adizero Malice FG Mens Rugby Boots


Boots are available in White and Red – sizes 6.5, 7. 7.5 available only 

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Mens Rugby Boots by Adidas Adizero

Untouchable speed and ultra-light stability are yours with these adidas based mens rugby boots. Designed for backs, the boots help you accelerate and sprint past the opposition. The sock-like construction and asymmetrical lacing lock your foot in place and offer a large sweet spot for kicks. The raised-heel design fuels explosive acceleration, while SPRINTFRAME complements a stud configuration optimised for grip on firm ground.

Features of these Mens and Womens rugby Boots 

Adidas Adizero Malice FG Mens Rugby Boots 1

These mens rugby boots are Lightweight with breathable synthetic mesh upper
They are designed with Asymmetrical lacing for a larger kicking sweet spot
It should be stated that there Sock construction provides for best foot lockdown and protection
It is a fact that the 10 mm heel raise for dynamic foot positioning and reduction in calf and achilles tendon injuries
It needs to be stated that The SPRINTFRAME construction uses geometrical research and with a brand new stud configuration that offers the perfect balance between light weight and stability
The simple facts are the the SPEEDTRAXION high-speed and the stud alignment provide for maximum acceleration and quick turns
What we need and get is the Outsole configuration for firm-ground pitches

Adidas Adizero Malice FG Mens Rugby Boots 2

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