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Tigreor 8 Stud Rugby Boots – Black

Selecting the right rugby boots is critical in the game of rugby, with the quicker participants trying to find lightweight boots which do not give up grasp while the big forwards are seeking power as well as grip, without being demobilised.

Probably the best-looking boots on this listing, the Asics Mens Lethal Tigreor feature a lot of benefits more than a lot of other studded rugby boots. These are Asics Mens Lethal Tigreo lightest-ever studded boots, allowing faster acceleration, better control as well as great grip and the ability to mage side steps and swerves

Nevertheless, the most effective part of the rugby boot is the great lacing system which provides a bigger surface when kicking the round, be it right into touch or from the tee. These boots are a Rugby  forwards dream


  • Featuring what is for these rugby boots is a new upper which has been crafted from supple high quality kangaroo leather and a synthetic application too, this ensures a supremely comfortable feel which is also light on your feet.
  • As far as performance features are concerned then the inclusion of the HG10mm (heel gradient) on these rugby boots means your body mass is shifted forwards to reduce the strain on the lower limbs. Elsewhere and the Rearfoot GEL Cushioning allows for a smooth transition stage while the Solyte Midsole material improves cushioning and durability.
  • Other details worthy of attention are that of the removable sockliner to accommodate a medical orthotic and the gusset tongue which has been constructed to prevent debris from entering the boot.
  • Taking to the field on soft natural surfaces, the six metal tipped screw in studs ensure great grip and manoeuvrability at all levels of the game.

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