Calf Compression Sleeve By Bevisible Sports – Prevent Shin Splints

4 out of 5


Size May dictate costs


Leg Compression Socks for Men & Women –

Great for Rugby Union , Running, Cycling, Air Travel, Support, Circulation & Recovery

ENJOY PERFECT CALF COMPRESSION : Unlike other calf sleeves that are too tight, rip easily & don’t get results, the BeVisible Sports Calf Sleeves are more than suitable for rugby union or rugby league 

DIFFERENT & PROVEN. They are designed with a special weave, stitch & a unique 14 – 23 mmHg of true graduated compression which means that these are perfect for all athletics, ball sports such as rugby and everyday use.

Calf Compression Sleeve By Bevisible Sports

SHIN SPLINTS RELIEF & RECOVERY : If you suffer from shin splints, calf cramps or leg pain ? If so you’ll love our compression sleeves. These shin splint leg compression sleeves aid in prevention and recovery from shin splints, varicose veins & calf cramps. Don’t use cheap imitations that don’t work. Get these proven compression calf sleeves, nothing else compares.

POWER & ENERGY BOOST : Notice the difference when you put on our calf compression sleeves. They boost circulation in the legs, help prevent micro muscle tears, support & refresh your legs. This results in a feeling of increased power and energy that enables you to train harder, longer and become fitter, faster and stronger.

PERFORMANCE & FIT GUARANTEE : At BeVisible Sports, we are on a mission to help everyone enjoy a better quality of life through compression. Choose your size (see size chart 3rd image) & use our Calf Compression Sleeves for 90 days, risk-free. If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied, simply let us know and return for a full refund or a replacement.

A THOUGHTFUL GIFT : For friends or family who love rugby, running, athletics, cycling, golf, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, workout and fitness training. The calf sleeves are also great for everyday use especially for people in retail, nursing, travel, hospitality and jobs that require people to be on their feet. They will thank you as they feel the increased energy and glide through the day.

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