Calf Compression Sleeves for Rugby, Sports , Shin Splints & Calf Pain Relief


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Calves Compression Sleeve (Not Full Socks) for Shin Splints & Calf Pain Relief, 

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These Calf compression sleeve are not full length socks and are used generally under playing socks, or Rugby Union socks. They are designed to reduce swelling and aid in recovery and injury prevention, normally for ground impact activities. 

TAKE AWAY YOUR PAIN & DISCOMFORT – Suffering of shin splints, restless leg syndrome and aching throughout the night? Put on these calf compression sleeves to make your legs feel recharged and alive again. Made of the finest breathable & durable compression fabric Polyester and Spandex, these compression sleeves will tackle painful splints and locked calves for better sleep at night.

EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE FOR SPORTS & ACTIVITIES – Whether you’re an active person who loves inline skate, play basketball, tennis, marathon, bowl, running, our calf compression sleeves provide great support for all types of sports, fitness activities, and everyday use. They are also perfect for nurses, travel, retail and hospitality jobs that require movement and work on your feet.

RECOVER & GO STRONGER – We designed these calves compression sleeves for the active and athlete in mind. The braces provide therapeutic compression to boost blood circulation, oxygen flow, and reduce muscle soreness, cramps, charley horse, and protect your legs from injuries, minor scratches, and knocks. They are perfect for men and women, and we offer personalized styles that match your personality.

COMFORTABLE TO WEAR – Our compression braces are stretchy, easy to put on, and soft for your skin. You can wear them during training or when you rest at home while sleeping. They fit perfectly and never slip down while running or playing. These also make a great gift for active workers and athletes from various sports.

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We know you have options here for instant recovery, and we want to make the best choice the easiest one, and that’s why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason our product doesn’t meet your expectations, ship it back to us for a replacement or a full refund. At Cupid Sport, customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Feel Stronger, Perform at Your Highest Peak, and Recover Faster with Cupid Sport Compression Sleeves

The Better Compression Sleeve for Instant Relief

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Cupid Sport compression sleeve is tailor-made to meet the needs of professional athletes and active workers. Cupid Sport is committed to provide the highest quality sport products that exceeds current standards that go beyond expectations.

We designed our products with three key elements: protection, comfort, and utility for the active people who need constant performance with their feet.

You can always stay in touch with us to bring you the latest innovations and therapy technology that improve your well-being and satisfy the needs for your everyday training.

What Makes Us Apart?

  • Comfort fit:They are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably on your legs and provide optimal compression for your calves, above the ankles, and below your knees
  • Compression technology: They provide great compress to stabilize muscles, tendons, and ligaments while treating inflammation without affecting circulation, comfort and oxygen flow
  • Easy to slip on: Our compression sleeves are stretchy, durable, and smooth to pull on your legs
  • Great Design:We offer amazing color presentation and patterns that match with your training outfit. It’s discreet under long pants and feel comfortable to wear all day long


Remember, we’re here to make you perform better and recover faster. If any one of those things isn’t happening, let us know and we promise to make it right.