canterbury Men’s Phoenix Raze Soft Ground Rugby Boots

5 out of 5



Soft Ground Forwards Rugby Boots

Designed for forwards who enjoy an extra level of comfort and stability in their footwear, these soft ground rugby boots in Canterbury’s classic black and red colours will keep your feet comfortable game after game.

Built for adaptability across the pitch, these rugby boots are for soft ground play on natural grass surfaces that are wet and muddy and require the most traction.

Comfortable and supportive, they have a durable PU upper and a heavily cushioned ankle collar, offering a tight and snug fit for wider feet without being uncomfortable.

A 9mm heel-to-toe heel raise reduces strain to your lower limbs and helps to position your foot for maximum power and drive on the pitch.

Moulded studs plus 8 removable metal studs mean these boots provide grip even in the depths of Winter giving you the power and lightweight agility you need to reach the breakdown first.

– 8mm foam cushioning in collar for comfort
– Wide-fitting forefoot shaping
– Hybrid 8 plate outsole provides lightweight traction

Synthetic PU upper for maximum durability; Collar with built-in 10 mm foam cushioning for comfort where you need it; Wide-fit forefoot shaping makes rugby boots more comfortable; Hybrid eight plate outsole provides heavy-duty traction that won’t get bogged down


  1. Melanie Spencer

    Bought these for a return to rugby and they are of excellent quality and did not rub at all, just make sure to tighten the studs before putting them to use (as you normally would).Really impressed with the material used and they do not feel any heavier than your standard boot.

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