COCOHOK Compression Socks for Men & Women, Ideal for Rugby and Running


Compression socks for Rugby and Sport – Sizing



COCOHOK Compression Socks for Sports and Airline Flights, 


These type of socks have the ability to Aid Performance, Stamina, Circulation and Recovery

High quality: Our compression socks, Made of high quality nylon and spandex materials and high-quality workmanship, for extreme durability. This performance fabric provides most compression at the ankle area and reduced in the calf area, promote blood circulation and oxygen flow, make you our compression socks will help you to increase the recovery, reduce injuries and feel again 

compression socks for multiple sports

Graduated Compression: The graduation compression socks has the ideal compression (20 – 30mmHg) to promote blood circulation. The superior Class circular knitting structure offers 360 degree – Stretch for Added Flexibility and durability. Stay fit cuffs soothing feel at the bottom and sides of the feet.

Versatile: Perfect choice for compression Ideal for rugby union players , runners, basketball, runners, athletes, cycling, hiking Cross Training, Gym, office workers, plane, travelers, and much more.

Injury Reduction Prevention & Recovery: Legs support, save energy, reduce fatigue syndrome, reduce muscle vibrations and, they help to prevent injuries, pain, cramps and injuries at the same time. Aid Spider Veins) – Soothe sizes from Small Ödem, lymph Ödem, pain, discomfort during pregnancy und. smaller varicose veins.

The compression socks should be very tight. The socks are available in 3 different sizes:S/M L/XL XXL. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If our compression stockings do not meet your requirements, then we will refund you the purchase price.

You can now use the socks if you

Spend many hours a day getting up, suffer from swollen ankles or tired legs.
Pain in Your calves or your legs feel in weight.
Varices, broom Ripper, Foot Pain, restless leg syndrome, shin bone syndrome, plantar fasciitis or any other problems with swollen beinen.
Prevent clots, especially after operations or on flights.
Improve your performance during exercise, they prevent the injuries and accelerate the recovery of your legs for training.

Choose the right size

cocohok compression socks for rugby

Recommend that you measure the calf circumference at the widest point (see photos, Red symbol shown only for example)
Sock size//Shoe Size//calf circumference
S/M // AU 3-5 // 24 – 30 cm
L/XL // AU 6-8 // 31 – 37 cm
XXL // AU 9-12 // 38 – 44 cm

Sock size//Shoe Size//Length: (Length of the socks from heel to knee)
S/M // AU 3-5 // 33 cm
L/XL // AU 6-8 // 36 cm
XXL // AU 9-12 // 38 cm

Fit and design

This 15-20 mmHg graduated ecological compression stockings are made of high quality material. They are durable and fashionable at the same time, and available in various colours. The comfortable fit offers graduated compression from the ankle to the calf. The padded footbed of socks quickly absorbs vibration, and prevents painful while the material wicks away to the outside for the cooling comfort.

Washing the compressions socks and maintenance instructions.
Best applied to can be used either on the left to wash with similar colours. The water temperature should not exceed 40 °C. Please do not iron or allow to dry.