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Gilbert G-TR4000 Rugby Union Training Ball

The ball shows off the new TRI grip technology produced by Gilbert. This more defined pattern is not only hard wearing but allows the hands to have more surface area contact with the ball, enhancing your catching and passing abilities. This trainer ball is also long lasting with its hydratec moisture barrier technologies giving the optimum breathability without compromising the ball.

For players at club or school level or supporters wanting a high quality ball to support their favourite rugby competition, the Top 14 G-TR4000 Ball is a no brainer.

Top Features of the Gilbert G-TR4000 Rugby Union Training Ball

  • TRI grip technology.
  • Hydratec.
  • Hand stitched.

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Comments from the video

The Gilbert GTR 4000 training rugby ball featuring newly patented tri grip technology, providing maximum surface area contact for unparalleled grip and control featuring a durable rubber exterior. This ball was built to endure through aggressive training and practice constructed with a waterproof hydrotech barrier lamination, which helps repel dirt and water.

To extend the life of your ball. Utilizing three ply: poly cotton and cotton laminate panel construction. The GTR 4000 will perform better on longer. Kicks and passes, as well as better retain its shape than a ball with two ply construction.

The natural latex bladder provides superior energy transfer and improved ball touch when kicking or passing available inside. Three four and five get the most out of your training with the Gilbert GTR 4000 training.

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