Ice Packs a Reusable refillable Cold Compress for Swelling Bruises with wraps

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Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable refillable Cold Pack for Kids Teenagers Adults Cold Compress for Swelling Bruises Wisdom Teeth Breastfeeding Headaches 5-Pack 6″ 9″ 11″ Ice Bags+ 2 Compress Wraps

3 SIZE FOR DIFFERENT REQUIREMENTS – LinsonK Ice Packs for Injuries reusable come with one of each 6’’, 9’’, 11’’. 6” is good for children or small areas while the 9” and 11” are great for teens and adults or larger areas. Comes with 1 ice strap+ 1 ice wrap to hold the ice packs on the position, being more stable and multifunctional. An ideal application for instant pain relief.

INSTANT PAIN RELIEF – The instant cold pack can immediately reduce the pain and swelling. Use the cold packs for puffy eyes, sinus pain, toothaches, sore muscles, aching joint, headaches/migraines, fever, inflammation, menstrual pain, breast feeding pain, first aid, etc; also for sprains, bruises, bumps and other sport injuries.

SAFE AND REUSABLE – Non-toxic. LinsonK reusable ice packs are made of PVC polyester that won’ rip, tear and puncture. The refillable ice packs can be used for many times no matter how cold compress and hot compress it is. ATTENTION: Due to pattern painted on product, ice bags might have some smell when it goes to you. SOLUTION: before first usage, open the cap and lay it outside for 2 days till the smell gone.

LEAK- PROOF – Wide mouth to fill ice cubes easily, secure screw top cap to prevent leakage and spills (ATTENTION: recommend to fill max capacity up to two-thirds). The hot cold bag stay cold or warm longer than gel ice packs. Sweating is CONDENSATION that is natural physical phenomenon, not a pack leaking.

EASILY STORED AWAY & EASY TO USE – flexible and potable. Just add ice cubes and a little water in cold pack! You can use it as eye ice pack, wisdom teeth ice pack, face ice pack, shoulder ice pack, elbow ice pack,knee ice pack, ankle ice pack, foot ice pack, etc. Simple and understated style is very suitable for boys and men. A first-aid essential in life. Relieve your aches and pains with these LinsonK first aid bag!

With magic soft ice packs for injuries, you can enjoy pain relief wherever you need it! No more awkward and uncomfortable plastic unknown blue gel ice packs.
This pack includes 3 SIZE [6”, 9”, 12”] REUSABLE ICE PACKS + 1 ICE PACK STRAP + 1 ICE PACK WARP, which give more convenience to your kids and you! The 9” weighs THREE OZ AND A HALF; and they’re made with a safe, anti-leak, non-toxic PVC polyester, flexible and wraps around any shape easily!
Use them on your pain part such as tired puffy eyes, wisdom teeth, face, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back,leg,knee, foot, or anywhere else you need it!
A must-have product for every household!

1.Soft exterior fabric is flexible and conforms to the skin and body
2.Lasts longer than the gel ice packs
3.Leak proof, no sweat, no dips
4.Easily stored away and easy to use
5.Fast pain release

How to use:
1.Unscrew lid counter clockwise.
2.Fill the ice pack to only 2/3 full for safe use.
3.Smooth out the extra air and tighten the cap.
4.Apply the ice bag to the pain area.( you can also hold the ice bag on the pain area with ice wrap).

Material: PVC polyester cotton
Item Weight: 440g/15.52oz
Diameter: large(11”), medium(9”), small(6”)
Target Audience: Kids, Teenagers, Adult

Package Includes:
3* LinsonK reusable ice packs[6”, 9”, 11”].
1* ice pack strap.
1* ice pack .


  1. Chastity

    Definitely nothing special I couldn’t find these in any other store unfortunately close by me so they definitely do the job definitely happy with them all three are waterproof and nice to use

  2. Lee Murdoch

    Definitely nothing special I couldn’t find these in any other store unfortunately close by me so they definitely do the job definitely happy with them all three are waterproof and nice to use

  3. Dactyl

    Exactly as described- Would buy again

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