OZSTOCK® Set of 5 Heavy Duty Resistance Bands


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Resistance Band Loops For Fitness and Exercise


stretching with resistance bands

These Resistance Bands provide Strength, Stretch, Stability

Versatile: 300+ exercises to build strength, flexibility, core stability, and endurance

Effective: Strengthen multiple muscle groups simultaneously

Portable: Throw your bands in your backpack or briefcase and workout anywhere

using resistance bands 2

Each Colour is a seperate strength –

Yellow 5 to 15 Pounds 208cm (circular length)*4.50mm*0.64cm

Red 15 to 35 Pounds 208cm (circular length)*0.45cm*1.30cm

Black 25 to 60 Pounds 208cm (circular length)*0.45cm*2.20cm

Purple 30 to 80 Pounds 208cm (circular length)*0.45cm*2.80cm

Green 50 to 125Pounds 208cm (circular length)*0.45cm*4.50cm

How to use resistance bands