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Heavy Duty Resistance Band, Mobility & Powerlifting Exercise Bands, 


SINGLE BANDS- Sale is for a SINGLE RESISTANCE BAND – not a set. Please choose from our six different resistance/tension levels. If you don’t have the idea about which size to purchase, check out the band tension chart in the images to the left.

FIT ALL No matter you are new to pull up or you are an athlete, this is a perfect tool to help you with your pull ups, dips or muscle-ups.

HIGH QUALITY- Resistance Bands are 41″ inches long and are made of 100% latex material, built to last for the toughest usage.

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TRY MORE COMBINATION- Combining bands gives you different levels of assistance. This allows you to do sets where you start with the thicker band and then add the thinner band to squeeze out a few additional reps.

WARRANTY- At POWER GUIDANCE, we fully stand behind our products. If you don’t 100% love our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

POWER GUIDANCE PULL-UP ASSIST RESISTANCE BANDS Whether you are just starting out with pull ups or you are an athlete working on regaining or enhancing your strength, the POWER GUIDANCE resistance band will help you take your pull up and chin up training to the next level.

These Resistance Bands are Lightweight, Perfect For Traveling & Easy To Transport. With your Power Guidance pull up assist bands, you can always find time in a busy day for workout, and you can exercise anywhere you want… in the park, your hotel room, at work, at home, and of course at the gym. Tuck it into your luggage, brief case, lunch bag, or purse and say hello to more efficient training.



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5 Different Levels of resistance bands to Choose: 41 inches Long X 0.5 inches Wide –

Red Band (5-35 lbs) 41 Inches Long X 0.9 Inches Wide –

Black Band(10- 50 lbs) 41 inches Long X 1.3 Inches Wide –

Purple Band (25 – 80lbs) 41 inches Long X 1.8 Inches Wide –

Green Band (50 – 125lbs) 41 inches Long X 2.5 Inches Wide –

Blue Band (60 – 150lbs) The Thicker The Band,

The More Assistance It Gives for Pull-ups. We Highly Recomend Buy Several Different Sizes so You Have Them Handy as Your Skills Improve.

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