PUMA Men’s Rugby Boots – 8 stud


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Puma One Mens Rugby Boots

Engineered for perfection, the Puma One rugby boots brings you improved fit, fast and feel in the form of our adaptable Fusefit lacing technology, lightweight rapidsprint out-sole, and control-enhancing K-leather touch zone. ideal boot for both soft and hard surfaces

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Fit: evoKNIT sock with Fusefit technology provides multiple lacing options for an adaptable fit.

Fast: Lightweight Rapidsprint out-sole for supreme acceleration.

Feel: Super soft K-Leather for premium touch and ball control.

Fitting perfectly and making you fast on the pitch, the PUMA ONE Rugby H8 is your ideal rugby boot. These boots combine a minimum weight with both comfort and longevity by using a soft yet highly durable synthetic upper material. The H8 outsole is perfect for rugby games played on soft natural surfaces.

Puma Black-puma Black-puma Black

  1. Soft yet highly durable synthetic leather upper
  2. Lightweight PU outsole with DuoFlex technology for maximum flexibility
  3. Aluminium studs on these rugby boots provide for enhanced grip 
  4. H8 outsole for traction during all movements on soft natural surfaces

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