Relief Expert Shoulder Ice Pack for Cold Therapy for Injuries

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Instant Pain Relief for Bursitis and Swellingice pack for shoulders

Relief Expert is committed to manufacture heat and cold therapy products to help you relieve muscle pain and soothe fatigue in natural way. With the upgraded design style, the Relief Expert gel cold pack come in a variety of shapes and sizes to contour to your body.Innovative Dual-fabric & Handy to Use-

The Relief Expert shoulder ice pack is creatively designed as skin-friendly plush fabric, penetrating mild cold and using directly without a towel as protection. The plush side isolates condensation and avoids frostbite. Dual-fabric varies different levels of cold. Started cold therapy with soft plush fabric for 10-15 min, then turn to the nylon side if the soft plush side isn’t cold enough.

The nylon side penetrates intense cold to injured shoulder.Instant Shoulder Pain Relief- If you are suffering from rotator cuff tears, shoulder sprains, bruises, strains, for post-surgery recovery, muscle swelling, arthritis and tension, the shoulder ice pack rotator cuff cold therapy is flexible to apply cold therapy for soothing relief, penetrating cold to injured shoulder deeply and relieving sore muscle quickly. Great for athletes, workers, white collar or seniors.

Stay Flexible & Long-lasting Coldness- The effective application area for cold compression therapy is larger than most of ice pack for shoulder rotator cuff, filled with 30% more freezable gel, with lower freezing point(-13℉) enables the shoulder ice wrap to keep flexible when freeze 4-6 hours and stay cold for longer time, the cold-lasting time is long enough to meet the need of a 15-20 minutes cold therapy.

Easy to Wear & Prevent Gel Leakage- The ice pack is moldable to the shape of your shoulder, easy to wear on with the elastic neoprene sticky-straps. The ice packs for shoulder injuries reusable contours to left or right shoulder snugly with compression. The cold pack’s two sides are all high-quality and durable, which is well made and double-seal edge, sealing the edge two times, so it prevents gel leakage and breakage.Portable to Use – When chill the arm/shoulder ice pack in freezer, place the ice gel pack in the durable bag provided can protect the ice pack from stain and odor in freezer, portable to take out for outside activity.

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