Rhino Cyclone Rugby Ball, White, Size 3


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Rhino Cyclone Rugby Ball,

The Rhino Cyclone rugby balls is a great quality training balls suitable for use in clubs and schools in RUGBY UNION, across the world. Rhino have an amazing reputation for producing rugby balls to a high specification and the Cyclone is no differnt. The ball has a durable 3 dimensional grip which makes the ball last longer and is suitable for use in all weather conditions.

These Rugby Union balls are hand stitched which is a good sign of quuality as any imperfections are spotted at an early stage. The rugby ball is constructed with a blend of natural and synthetic rubber which is combined and then a 3 ply laminate is heat sealed to the rubber outer to form a great bond and a truly balanced rugby ball


  • Great training rugby union ball for any conditions.

  • 3 D  grip pattern.
  • 3 layers  1 x Cotton canvas and 2 x Polyester Viscose Hi Tech  Latex Bladder.
  • 100% Skill hand stitched.