Royxure Sports Mouth Guard Set Includes 2size and 4 Guards

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4 Pack and 2 size.Each order include 4 Royxure Sports Mouth Guards in 2 size, small and medium , designed for all athletes in contact sports and Anti Teeth Grinding. Instruction and Hygienic travel case are included in the package.The existence of instruction makes it easy to mould. No color additives are used. Royxure Sport Mouth Guards are clear in color. Get maximum teeth protection with Royxure Mouth Guards thick cushioning base which absorbs shock during athletic play. Custom fit to any mouth size with Royxure’s precision fitting material.

  • – When you purchase the Royxure 4-in-1 Mouth Guard set you will receive 4 high quality mouth guards that can be used for prevent and reduce injuries to your teeth, lips, jaw and gums in MMA, martial arts, boxing, wrestling and all kinds of contact sports.It as an Athletic Mouth Guard or as a Anti Teeth Grinding mouthguard.
  • – Each package contains four teeth guards, including four pack and two different sizes. After easily following or included step by step molding instructions, enjoy your snug fitting mouth guard whether while playing sports, sleeping, or whitening your teeth.It is easy to find the perfect fit for almost every mouth shape.
  • – Royxure mouth guard is FDA Approved and BPA Free ´╝îsafety and health.
  • – Instruction and case are included in the package, ensuring that you will easily and quickly create your custom mouth guard and could take your guards with you for a night sleep or other sports wherever you are.
  • – Maximum teeth proction: Thick Cushioning base to absorb shock.

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