Sungpunet Mouth Guard,Adult Youth Gum Shield for Rugby,

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Double Shield – Reduces material shrinkage, providing maximum protection.

Extra Wall Thickness – Absorbs impact, reducing the effect of shock on the more vulnerable front teeth

Rubber Frame – enhanced shock management and absolute protection.

Boil and Bite – Boil and bite guard, which gives fit and feel of a custom made guard.


1. Place mouth guard in boiling or near boiling water for 20 seconds.

2. Dip immediately into ice cold water for 5 seconds and then immediately place into the mouth of the wearer and have them bite down hard and suck for 30 seconds.

3. Return mouth guard to the cold water to set.

4. For smaller children, it might be necessary to trim the back of the mouth guard with scissors before putting in water.

5. AVOID leaving in boiling water for too long or product can melt.

  • MATERIAL – Made from safe EVA, heavy duty shock absorbent material, fitted with impact absorbent contours and inner gum protection to allow for complete safety
  • EASY TO USE, COMFORTABLE FIT – Sized especially for adult, maximize the protection and comfort to ensure a challenging, yet safe sports experience.
  • SUITS MOST SPORTS – High-density soft rubber frame for a better shock management and protection. Designed for Boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Martial Art,all contact sports
  • PERSONALLY MOLDED-Using a simple boil and bite system the gum shield molds around your teeth offering greater protection.
  • FREE VENTILATED CASE-design with a hole to keep your gum shield dry and clean.

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