Under Armour Men’s Rugby CoreSpeed Firm Ground


Once again the cost of these rugby boots varies with the size- ranging from $144.01 – $182.94 and from 7.5 to 12 in sizes – have a look at the range of Under Armour Boots – here 


Men’s Rugby CoreSpeed Firm Ground Rugby Boot

Before we review these backs rugby boots – lets look at the sole of the rugby boot and gain insight into why you will be more stable when kicking – Two things – stand out – 12 studs and an offset lacing system that provide a better kicking platform.

under armour mens core speed backs rugby boot

Development of the rugby boots

While in development this pair of rugby boots – were initially designed for soccer – from our point of view they are suitable for the backs and especially kickers and winger.

In development it was discovered that what makes a boot comfortable changes from one person to the next, and there’s no guarantee that a boot that fits you perfectly will suit your teammate.

As the head of Under Armour puts it, “Everybody’s foot is different”. Having studied countless footballers’ feet, the analysts at UA noticed a theme. However slightly, nearly every player’s foot was being contorted to fit their boot. These boots, aim to change that.

under armour mens core speed backs rugby boot

Featuring an entirely re-engineered upper, the new boot really does mould to your foot, whatever shape it is.

So Yes this rugby boot is different – The Stretch synthetic leather upper forms to your foot providing outstanding feel against your foot .

Off-set lacing system provides the backs with a larger kicking surface.

It has taken a 3D printed external layer engineered to enhance touch.

Charged Cushioning footbed absorbs impact & converts it into responsive quickness.

Innovative cleat plate designed to flex with the natural movements of the foot.

Reinforced shank provides stability in the midfoot. Weight: 7.5 oz.

under armour mens core speed backs rugby boot       under armour mens core speed backs rugby boot