Rugby in Perth from one season to the next – 2022 and Beyond

Rugby in Perth from one season to the next –

With the end of the 2021 Season completed despite covid – the results on the Rugby W.A. Competition table will provide incentive for all clubs in the Perth Rugby competition to continue with their development for the 2022 season , one that we hope will be covid restriction free

As usual in the Perth rugby union competition there are and have been rumours running around about changes to the competition structure, most are driven by the top end of the rugby in the city area , some of whom seem very reluctant to drive south and north into the areas that Perth is expanding into at a massive rate

With numbers dropping off at youth and junior level in the central city clubs some that provide less than 2 to 3 junior and youth age teams it would appear that Rugby in Perth will continue to be best served by promoting the outer ring clubs who currently provide better than 60% of the junior and youth numbers playing the game of Rugby in Perth.

For the newer clubs such as Curtin University (new into the Premier Level of the game) Joondalup Brothers, Southern Lions , ARKS and Rockingham some of which provide for the majority of junior development numbers in the state each year this provides challenges, with the age old poaching that goes on year in year out by clubs that have failed to develop there own juniors and youth program.

Rugby W.A. Ladder 2021

The 2021 ladder shows that each of the newer clubs or developing clubs face a challenge going into 2022 , some of which may be reduced by the Points Allocation system theoretically being implemented in the 2022 rugby season , a system designed to prevent or at the least reduce the continued poaching by city based senior clubs of the talent that has been developed within the newer clubs.

Each of the Younger, newer clubs have chosen to part ways with their previous coaches  and have installed in some cases older coaches or a panel of coaches or both, as is done at international level and within the Western Force Franchise, and many of the clubs in the Eastern states of Australia and in New Zealand.

Whether this is to share the load or to provide separate areas of expertise time will tell.

However its great to see that Rugby in W.A. will go ahead with the current format of clubs, with the Allocation of Points system in place going into the Christmas break and with overseas recruitment now on the table thanks to the borders opening early in the new year.

This is boosted off course by the fact that there are for the outer city club plenty of work in their local areas. Lower cost rental and housing in the suburbs will also help, making it very attractive for players coming into Perth from interstate or overseas to move to the younger and developing clubs . With travel into Perth City and those areas around the city central very hard to get in to , it is not unknown that travelling into the city can take twice a long in both directions as it needs to be . Again a benefit for the younger and newer clubs.

Note: The club with the highest level of youth and juniors is also one of the newer or younger club in the highest position on the ladder, at 10th Southern Lions is currently best placed to benefit from all of the great points and benefits that Rugby in Perth provides – Wherever you are have a great 2022 rugby season




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