Rugby Training and Calf Compression Sleeves

Best Footless Compression Sleeves for rugby union and prevent Shin Splints

More than suitable for Nurses & Maternity Pregnancy , as well as sports such as Rugby Union and League

Will aid in Increase Blood Circulation reducing the events of lactic acid buildup

Because Your Calves Are Worth It.

Your new Graduated Compression Sleeves begins at the ankle, gradually compression up to the calf, perfectly fitted & won’t dig into the back of your knee! Feel the Instant comfort & support as you witness the Moisture wicking properties in action at the gym, and they will also rapidly air dry in a few hours.

We at Physix Gear Sport have invested several months designing a durable Calf Compression Sleeve that last, without compromising quality or comfort.

Feel the security, with Double Stitched Fabric. Your Calves deserve it!physix sports calf protection sleeves

physix calf sleeves for rugby

Feel Confident Again

  • Feel the anticipation, as your Calf Sleeves arrive at your door, beautifully packaged and Designed with Quality stitching.
  • Physix Sleeves are Easy to get on even though they are Compression Sleeves!
  • Your Calf Sleeves Wash well without losing compression, keeping all the excellent vascular toning benefits.

Our Team at Physix Gear Sport are revolutionizing the Fitness and Health market, holding dear to one mission, and that’s to inject a more customer-centric experience without compromising product quality.

Get instant value with your Included E-Guide giving you the ultimate advantage over your competition on the road to better performance & better health and providing better blood circulation for sports such as rugby union 

“Success Is Usually The Culmination Of Controlling Failure.”

Finally! A Durable Calf Compression Sleeve designed to last, without compromising quality or comfort. Feel secure with Double stitched seams and quality Fabric. Physix Calf Sleeves are designed with No Slip Cuffs, and graduated Compression that last all day. Your legs will thank you! As a small family business, our customers are at the heartbeat of everything we do. We design all our products from the ground up, with the premium quality customers deserve.

Sizing Guide

  • S/M – M/L | 12 inches -16 inches Calves | Height up to 6’1”
  • L/XL | 14 inches – 19 inches Calves | Height up to 6’6”

*Calf Size: Measured as the circumference around the thickest point in the calves

Physix Gear Sport Compression Calf Sleeves for Men & Women

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