Resistance Bands

Awesome Beginners Guide On How To Use Resistance Bands in your Training

Beginners Guide On How To Use Resistance Bands The first thing that I want to jump into – One of the nice things about Resistance bands is, They have five levels of resistance, in other words, if you were to equate that to dumbbells, would it be the same as only having five dumbbells and the answer is no and that’s because of linear variable resistance. So let’s, jump into that. Let’s, talk about what that is, and how do you get different levels of resistance using this tube style…

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DYNAPRO Power Resistance Bands 2
Rugby matters

Build a Big Chest Without the Gym | Resistance Band Training

Training the Chest with Resistance Bands Here we are in my backyard for any of you that want to be able to do a real chest workout. I don’t. I’m, not talking about some sort of like kind of get it in workout, because I can’t make it to the gym. No, I’m talking about a real workout that you can do anytime anyplace. That means, if you’re at home, you want to do it in the backyard like I am now you want to do it in the house.…

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