Top 6 Rugby Boots

Top 6 Mens Rugby Boots for 2018

Top 6 for December 2018 and Into 2019 Rugby Season


adidas backs boots - predator flare_fixed

Picking the right rugby boot is crucial in the game of rugby, with the backs and the flankers or back row players looking for lightweight boots which don’t sacrifice grip while the tight five forwards are looking for power and traction, without sacrificing the agility and speed required in this modern game.

The rugby boots on this list are for senior rugby players , and in some cases may fit the women rugby players and the kids with big feet.

We have taken some time to include the best options for each position and style of play – be that speed, comfort, durability or just a desire to stand out.


Adidas Predator Malice SG (Top of the List)

adidas backs boots predator flare white_fixed

First cab of the rank is what some may well say is the best-looking boots on this list, these Adidas Predator Malice boots come with more history than most rugby boots. These are Adidas’ lightest-ever boots, allowing for faster acceleration, far better control and dynamic change in direction.

However, the best part of the boot as described in the brochure is the asymmetric lacing system which provides a larger surface area when kicking the ball, be it into touch or from the tee. These boots are a full-back’s anf Fly Halves dream but work equally as well for the wingers.


Mizuno Morella Neo II SI– 8 stud


Mizuno Morelia Neo KL Mix 6 Stud Hybrid Rugby Boots

Made predominantly to suit back rowers and centres, this Mizuno rugby boots offers a lightweight alternative to the stereotypically clunky boots normally aimed at the bigger players in the team.

The 6×2 stud design means the traction remains intact and also offers exceptional weight benefits with the graded Pebax soul plate.

The external heel counter offers a similar level of protection and ensures the durability of the boot while the leather provides a great level of comfort.


Adidas Kakari X Kevlar SG

Adidas Kakari X Kevlar SG

The Adidas Kakari Kevlar have undergone a complete revamp, with Adidas making the lightest-ever version of the boot.

There is the inner sock which covers the ankle, adding extra security, while the raised heel ( some 8mm to 10mm) provides extra grip for scrummaging,

Plus this helps with other dynamic movements. If you have the need for speed, these would make an excellent choice.

The Kakaris are perfect for second rowers and even props or the hooker.


Nike Tiempo Legends:

Nike Tiempo Legends_

The Nike Tiempos are built to withstand all weather conditions and can perform on either soft or hard ground, depending on the state of the pitch,

due to the moulded inner studs. There are also blades to create grip and disperse the pressure, which is also supposed to relieve the stress on the lower limbs.

Tiempo’s are the choice of most top class fly-halves but they’re not just for the kickers in the team.


Under Armour Core Speed



You might not be able to play like an All Black, but this blacked-out Under Armour Core Speed pair will at least make you look like one. these boots are perfect for a back.

Weighing in at just 213g, these rugby boots are among the lightest pair on the list

These boots provide a sock-like feel with the articulated toe box moulding to the shape of your foot. If speed is what you are after, these are perfect.


Puma 8 Stud EvoPower

Puma evoPower 8 stud Rugby Boots -

Particularly crafted for the rugby players of the sporting globe, The Puma’s evoPOWER H8 impersonates one of the most resilient and helpful rugby boots on the market.

Whilst incorporating a performance enhancing single plate making use of 8 soft ground rugby studs for included security and traction.

The evoPOWER H8 allows for players to opt for their preferred upper material due to Puma offering the boot in either a leather or synthetic finish.

These boots come in many forms and there are sizes suitable fit eh youth and kids players.

With the boots provising 6 studs in the front of the sole and two at the rear , these boots are suitable for the tight five , and possibly some of the back row forwards as well.


The Verdict: Top 6 Rugby boots

There are boots on this list that will suit any position on the rugby field. Players can select one or two pairs for soft ground and hard grounds.

We all are aware that the grounds change with the seasons. Having two pairs is more often the answer.

All of the above boots are available at



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