We Review the ETHEL Stretching Strap Yoga Strap for Physical Therapy and Sports Recovery

10 Loops Yoga Straps for Stretching,

This is an excellent Non-Elastic Stretch Strap for Pilates, Exercise, with Workout Guide for Women & Men

ETHEL Stretching Strap Yoga Stretch Strap for Physical Therapy   ETHEL Stretching Strap Yoga Stretch Strap for Physical Therapy

Key elements to this Type of Band

IT IS Sturdy and Durable

Our stretching straps are constructed of a durable high-quality fabric that will not fray or break. With reinforced stitching, our calf stretcher fascia stretcher are made to last for years to come. 71 inches long & 1 inch wide, one strap makes 10 loops – a perfect size for practitioners of different age groups, including seniors.

Works as a Unassisted Stretching Bands 

With our stretching strap for exercise you can achieve deeper and more effective stretches. These    leg lifter yoga strap for working out help warm up your joints and muscles before your workout to prevent potential injury. Many sports trainers suggest using these exercise rubber bands for muscle contraction, relaxation, and deep stretching.

A Complete Multi-Functional Stretching Band

Our stretching strap can also be used for physical therapy equipment and postoperative recovery. You can use our pt bands for therapy together with the hip replacement recovery kit and knee surgery recover aids. The stretch bands for physical therapy can go perfectly with your other yoga equipment and pilates equipment, taking your physical fitness to the next level. Served as a ligament stretching belt as well, our stretch out strap can sometimes be seen in the ballet practice.

ETHEL Stretching Strap Yoga Stretch Strap for Physical Therapy4 ETHEL Stretching Strap Yoga Stretch Strap for Physical Therapy

With Many Countless Therapeutic Benefits

This stretching strap serves as a multi-purpose household or office training item , we know that it is  recommended by many physical therapists to improve flexibility and knee range of motion, maximize muscle recovery, and reduce your risk of injury during exercise.

What’s more important, it relieves your joint pain and helps fix common shoulder and leg problems.

Boosts Overall Health & Well-Being

Greater Flexibility & Greater Range of Motion & Enhanced Muscle Recovery & Reduced Risk of Injury.