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What Do Compression Tights Do for Rugby Players

Why we need Compression Gear

Compression garment are commonly used by professional athlete but there has been fierce debate on the evidence of compression garments for recovery

Today we’ll discuss the science behind compression garment and how we can maximize its potential recovery benefit compression garment can improve our cardiac efficiency and exercise performance some of the other benefits include improved swelling inflammation and muscle soreness there are conflicting evidence on the reliability of compression garment

Benefit of Science on the use of Compression Gear

Referring to the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport compression garment has no added benefit on objective measures such as sprint time muscle strength and plyometric performance but subjectively compression garment can improve our perception of recovery


An example after high intensity exercise people often felt reduced muscle soreness another study compared the effect of high pressure compression with low pressure and no compression thestudy found participants in the high pressure group had significantly improved muscle strength and countermovement jump height but there is a catch the participants in this group worn the compression garment for 72 hours post-exercise the current science behind the use of compression garment is lacking

The evidence is often of low quality and inconsistent but we need to understand when choosing a recovery method science is not the only factor that we should consider we also need to think about our personal preference and past experience we are all different we will react differently to the same recovery method the use of compression garment is considered safe and relatively cheap and easy to use




Considering these factors compression gear can be used both during and after games to facilitate recovery compression garments should be worn for at least one hour after training higher compression pressure can be more effective

It is important to note when wearing compression garment you should not experience any numbness or tingling sensation if you do experience these symptoms you should remove the garment and speak to your team physiotherapist





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